Are you a budding Keats or Wilbur Smith? Do enjoy writing be it fact or fiction. Why not concentrate your time on your writing – let us submit the publication for you. You’ve tried the ‘Vanity’ publishers but don’t like the large Financial investment to get that publication in front of a possible audience – then follow others and self publish, through Amazon, Lulu etc.

Whether you have your cover designed and sized or you just have your manuscript ready and need a cover creating we are happy to submit your books for you, leaving you time to get cracking on the next book instead of boggling your minds with PDF, Rich Text, PNG, IBAN, ISBN etc.

You don’t just have to be a novelist – You can be a keen photographer and produce a calendar or book of your favourite photos. Maybe you want to produce a wedding album and allow others to buy copies of it. The scope is vast and we can help.

We have a questionnaire to help guide you through the information required to make submissions and this can be downloaded in either Word or PDF format so you can complete online or print and complete by hand and then return by snail mail. Let us help get those royalties rolling in without causing you a headache.

Literary Submission Word Form
Literary Submission PDF Form